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DPSI RV (2010)

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Product information

A DPSI RV is used as a redundant power supply and current distributor for receivers and servos in RC-Models. The redundancy is accomplished by using two connected batteries. If one battery fails, the second battery guaranties safe operation. In the normal case, both batteries are discharged simultaneously. Furthermore, current is cut in half in each single battery by the two parallel connected batteries, which allows for batteries with lower ampacity. All servos directly connected to a DPSI RV are supplied with full power and each servo obtains maximum current without burden the damageable receiver. Due to switching the supply voltage electronically (the switch transmitter does not switch on the current but only supplies a switch-on signal), there is no power loss, weak contacts or transition resistance. For all DPSI RV systems, the electronically switches are built separately, i.e. the electronically parts are doubled. The switches are failsafe and are driven by self-holding circuitry, rather by a microcontroller. Thus, an operating DPSI RV stays powered on, even if the on/off switch transmitter is removed or broken or if the microcontroller is malfunctioning. Using DPSI RV systems, RC receiver sets reach new dimensions. In particular, a stabilized output voltage, which supplies the receiver as well as all servos, accounts for. A DPSI RV therefore offers: Battery switching function Complete voltage regulation for all RC components Electronically, failsafe switches Current distribution with HF filtering Battery voltage monitoring with acoustically warnings. The DPSI RV allows for connecting of up to 32 servos, which result from 12 receiver channels. Especially large-glider- and airliner-pilots missed this variety. Due to the higher number of servos, the DPSI RV is a little larger and heavier than the smaller systems. Because more heat dissipation is encountered, a larger heat sink is necessary. The DPSI RV contains two complete separate current paths and voltage regulators. Even the breakdown of an electronically part does not lead to a malfunction everything is built up redundantly. Technical data: Power sources: 5, 6, 7-cell NiCad/NiMh cells, Lithium-Ion batteries, Lithium-Polymer batteries Operation voltage range: 5,0V....10V Nominal input Voltage: 6,0V....8,4V Output Voltage: 5,0V/5,3V/5,6V/5,9V jumper selectable 5,9V for DPSI 2001RV Quiescent current (when off) Approx.: 1microA per battery Quiescent current (when on) Approx.: 90mA total Max. continuous current @ 5.6V (15 minutes with LiPo batteries): 4A DPSI RV Mini / 8A DPSI 2001 RV / 8A DPSI RV Max. peak current @5.6V (10 seconds for with LiPo batteries): 15A DPSI RV Mini / 60A DPSI RV / 60A DPSI 2001 RV Drop-out losses @ 4A: 0.3V DPSI RV Mini / 0.3V DPSI 2001 RV 0.45V DPSI RV Maximum Power Dissipation (Continuously): 8W DPSI RV Mini / 15W DPSI RV / 15W DPSI 2001 RV Number of servos in system: Up to 10 Servos for DPSI RV Mini Up to 26 Servos for DPSI 2001 RV Up to 32 Servos for DPSI RV CE Test Under terms of 89/336/EWG Environmental conditions -10C.... +50C (14F 122F) Permissible temperature range -25C.... +85C (13F 185F) LCL filtering (EMI): For each individual servo output Interference signal suppression at 35 MHz: -20dB @ 35MHz, -34dB @ 100MHz Dimensions including latches: DPSI RV Mini 5/6: 77mm x 99mm x 15,8mm (3.03 x 3.90 x 0.62) DPSI 2001 RV: 120mm x 75mm x 14,8mm (4.72 x 2.95 x 0.58) DPSI RV: 173mm x 85mm x 15,8mm (6.81 x 3.35 x 0.62) Weight: 105g (3.70 oz) DPSI RV Mini 5/6 155g (5.47 oz) DPSI 2001 RV 215g (7.58 oz) DPSI RV 15g (0.53 oz) Switch


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