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DPSI BIC V2.0 (5.9V) with accessory set

Topmodel.fr / ALL / Hardware / Safety devices / Dpsi / DPSI BIC V2.0 (5.9V) with accessory set

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Product information

The DPSI BIC is the first power supply concept which, besides a battery switching function and a “low drop out” voltage regulation, also contains a LC-display, which provides the user with information about the state of his equipment. The DPSI BIC displays all important measured values in plain text. Besides the battery voltages and the current flow of the connected loads the withdrawn capacity and on-time are displayed. Rough running push-rods or defective servos can be diagnosed by increased current consumption. Reduced battery capacity or defectiveness of the batteries are also detected in time. An acoustically error indication makes sure, that the user does not miss any malfunction. Different battery types can be programmed to ensure correct voltage monitoring. The intelligent algorithm evaluates discharged batteries reliably. Three printed circuit boards, equipped on both sides with most modern parts allow for optimal space usage and are integrated into a stable and ergonomic housing. Usage of pin-and-socket connectors allow for simple exchange of connector cables and guarantees maximum flexibility. The generous sized heat sink serves for good heat dissipation and allows for high currents of the connected loads. Therefore, receiver sets with up to 8 digital servos can be supplied from the DPSI BIC without problems. If using 5-cell NiCd/NiMH batteries even up to 15 servos can be operated. An optional external switch (#0701011) allows for applications where no direct access to the pushbuttons of the DPSI BIC is possible. The DPSI BIC can therefore be used as a cockpit instrument while the switch is mounted into the side wall of the fuselage. The ultra bright LED in the switch indicates operation and errors optically. There is additional accessory available (#0701012), which contains all parts to provide existing batteries with MPX sockets and to connect the receiver (via a doubled high grade connector cable). An additional bracket for spare completes the set. The DPSI BIC is packet in a stable plastic case and delivered with a detailed operating manual. Characteristics of the DPSI BIC: • Double power supply including regulated voltage for receiver, servos, ignitions and applications of all kind, which need 5.9V (and respectively between 5 volts and 10 volts- *on request) • Conforms to all manufacturer specifications for RC receiver sets by providing a stabilized voltage • Continuous constant servo power using constant power supply • 2 (3*) cell LiIon / LiPo / LONGGO batteries usable • 5 (6-7*) cell NiCd / NiMH batteries usable • Electronic failsafe on/off switch with additional connectivity of an external switch • Up to 20 amps peak current load capacity / 3 amps continuous current with 2-cell LiPo batteries • IVM (Intelligent Voltage Monitoring) – including acoustical state indication for five different battery types (programmable) • Programmable user language (German / English) • Cable less system, i.e. all connections are pluggable and therefore exchangeable • High-quality plastic housing including bracket for the battery connectors • Reliable recognition of damaged servos or push-rods (e.g. raised current consumption) • Reliable recognition of defective and aging batteries (by displaying all parameters in plain text) • Three double-sided printed circuit board assemblies for highest part density and therefore small dimensions • Generously sized heat sink for efficient heat dissipation • Weight is only approximately 2.45 oz (70 grams) • German quality product (manufactured inhouse at EMCOTEC) Additional Informations about the DPSI BIC: • The DPSI BIC was developed according to the VDA guidelines of the automobile industry. In order to design the system more reliable and more powerful than other products, extensive checks and tests were accomplished (e.g. shaker test, EMV test, ESD test, environment test etc.). These tests were equally taken for granted as ample checks in the lab and under real life conditions in the model. • Thanks to completly house owned manufacturing at EMCOTEC, a constant high qualilty of the products is achieved. Only high grade components are being assembled which proof themself since years. • Each system is 100% tested befor leaving the house. • The circuitry guarantees a quiescent current consumption in the switched off state which does not empty the batteries. This quiescent current is less than 1µ amp! With that it is made sure, that even through "creeping" discharge there is no demage to the batteries even if they are connected to the DPSI BIC for a long time (winter). • The maximum continuous current of 3 amps may appear small. We consider it more reasonable to specify real values as to make a show of exorbitant values. 3 amps of continuous current suffice in any case for a model of up to 10 digital servos of high push pull power. Our tests showed that the average current (=> "continuous current") for 8 digital servos in a model of 2.4m (8 feet) does not exceed 2.2 amps (flying aggressive 3D aerobatic). 3 amps continuous current using LiPo batteries mean approximately 5.4 Watts power dissipation! This power dissipation is distributed by the DPSI BIC to a heat sink area of more than 73 cm?(!). Compared to other products which advertise with much higher currents, this is 2 to 3 times more! • According to "continuous current" additionally the following calculation: if the average current (=> "continuous current") would be 3 amps, both batteries would be discharged with about 750 milliamps/h after approx. 30 minutes flight time (approx. 2-3 flights)!


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