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DUPLEX Tx transmitter modules (along with DUPLEX Rx receceivers) constitute the base of a complex system working in the 2,4GHz band, assigned to remote control of models. These modules may be installed into transmitters which in a convenient way transmit stick and control element positions. Recently most of available transmitters working with PPM mode are suitable for this purpose.

DUPLEX Tx modules work up data of the transmitter control elements and send them to the  corresponding (paired) receiver. Simultaneously they exchange service and telemetric informations with the receiver and take in turn advantage of them for operation optimization.

In order to take full advantage of the DUPLEX system it is advisable to connect the universal terminal JETIBOX to the transmitter module. This way you will be able to adjust easily requested parameters and to display data of   transmitter, receiver as well as data of connected telemetric or diagnostic equipment. Another item of the TX-modules is indication of the complete system condition by means of sound signals.

Transmitter modules of the DUPLEX system are offered in form of exchangeable plug-in modules DUPLEX TF, DUPLEX TG as well as modules DUPLEX TU for internal assembly.

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Universal 2.4GHz HF transmitter module to be installed inside the transmitter case.

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Basic data:

  • Dimensions: 55x29x9mm
  • Weight: 15g
  • Acousting signalling of conditions: Yes
  • Number of input PPM channel PPM: 16
  • Supply voltage: 3,5-16V
  • Average current: 38mA
  • Output power: 20dBm
  • For which transmitters?: All of them! (universal)


Installation of the DUPLEX TU2 Module

 Place of destination of the  DUPLEX TU2 transmitter modules are transmitters working in PPM mode, but without having exchangeable HF module.

In this case connection of the module to the transmitter affords certain skill and experience with electronic equipment. The skill necessary depends upon  the type of transmitter and upon the manner you intend to connect it up. On PPM transmitters with a „trainer“ connector the transmitter module can be connected to this connector. Other transmitters require removal of the Tx back cover in order to assemble the module DUPLEX TU2 directly inside the transmitter. For this kind of work we recommend to take advantage of the help of a service station. An acute list of appropriate centers you may find on the home page of www.jetimodel.com.

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JETI model

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