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Topmodel.fr / ALL / Hardware / R/c sets / Jeti duplex 2.4ghz / Sensors / DUPLEX MUI 30 EX SENSOR

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Product information

Assignment of the MUI sensor is measurement of voltage, current and consumed capacity of flight batteries in the model

The wireless data transmission by the DUPLEX 2,4GHz system is monitored by the JETIBOX terminal. 

For communication purposes the Duplex system takes advantage of the 2,4 GHz band, which besides sending remote control data to the model also receives data from the model back to the transmitter. During flight obtained telemetric data are transmitted in real time and the actual values of the measured data can be displayed on the JETIBOX LCD. Telemetric MUI sensors execute voltage and current measurements in your model and transmit these informations with the aid of the DUPLEX system (receivers and transmitter modules). Thanks to exact current measurements these sensors render it possible to trace the spent capacity of the measured battery. The MUI unit is recording the spent current flow time and its average as well as maximum value. Furthermore it offers exact voltage measurements and recordings of voltage minimum and maximum values.
The task of parameter adjustment and measured data setup is performed by the well known alround talent – the JETIBOX terminal.

MUI sensors allow setting of acoustical signals in order to announce violation of set parameters. Such alarms may be set for measuremets of maximum current and minimum voltage as well as for a maximum of consumed battery capacity. The sound signal is generated by a siren integrated in the transmitter module. For better differentiation are the particular alarms distinguished by Morse alphabetic letters. The acoustical alarm generation in case of parameter violation is working even if the JETIBOX is not connected. With the JETIBOX in place the LCD display shows which parameter has been violated. In case of violation of several parameters the alerts alter consecutively as well as the indications on the LCD display.


Basic data:

  • Dimensions: 20x16.5x5mm approx.
  • Weight: 10.0g approx.
  • Range of measured voltage min.: 0V
  • Range of measured voltage Max.: 60V
  • Accuracy of voltage measurement: 0.1%
  • Range of measured current min.: 0A
  • Range of measured current Max.: 30A
  • Accuracy of current measurement: 1%
  • Supply voltage: 5.0-8.4V
  • Average current: 24mA
  • Temperature range: -10 à +85°C

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