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TANK 0.75L

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Product information

Tank with accessories. No fuel line, no tank filter

  • Size: 91x91x150mm.
  • Capacity: 0.75 liters.

Kliknut�m se zobraz� n�hled

ARG fuel tanks are Made in Itay from premium High Density Polyethylene because of its extreme mechanical strength. In fact, it is used to manufacture the temporary “New-Jersey” traffic barriers, high strength pipes that carry natural gas, water, etc…

It is totally impermeable to hydrocarbons and alcohols, and is non-toxic since is commonly use in toys manufacturing process.

They are your choice for gasoline, kerosene, diesel and methanol.

They come in 8 different sizes, from 300cc (10 fl oz) up to 2.500cc (84,5 fl oz).

ARG tanks are all fitted with a smart screw-in stopper that ensures a perfect seal without any gasket that are subject to aging. Each tank comes with a complete set of nipples and fittings all machined from solid brass.

With your ARG tank you have an unmatched flexibility in nipples and fittings placement: just drill the bottle or stopper where you need and screw them in!  The special design of our fittings ensures a perfect fit and seal without the need of any gasket.


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