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Communication is key, so let our new Telemetric AFHSS System open the door to a whole new world. Utilizing our Adaptive Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (AFHSS) technology to monitor many types of information on the Aurora 9 screen in real time, this telemetry system lets you know what your aircraft is doing up in the air. You can relay up to four different temperatures, track RPM with both magnetic and optical encoders, monitor your fuel usage and gather GPS data to see speed, altitude and location information. You can even connect the Spectra 2.4GHz module to a PC via the HPP-22 interface.  Our specially designed system comes bundled in a variety of product packages allowing you to tailor your purchases directly to your needs. Knowing more about your aircraft’s performance will keep you in charge and improve your flying!

This system is a must-have asset for sport fliers and advanced pilots everywhere.
HTS-VM sensor precisely and sensitively tracks your altitude and rate of climb and descent, providing invaluable performance data for fliers. This is a must-have sensor for sailplane pilots. With its accurate measurement resolution (1m), the HTS-VM has a measurement range from 0 to 2,000m.

Available Telemetry Products:

Stock# 06955830: Full Telemetry Pack
Includes Sensor Station, two RPM Sensors (O&M),four Temp. Sensors, GPS and Fuel Sensor
Stock# 06955831: Basic Telemetry Pack w/Optical RPM Sensor
Includes Sensor Station, O-RPM Sensor & two Temp. Sensors
Stock# 06955845: Basic Telemetry Pack w/Magnetic RPM Sensor
Includes Sensor Station, M-RPM Sensor & two Temp. Sensors
Stock# 06955832: Sensor Station HTS-SS 2.4GHz
Stock# 06955833: Optical RPM Sensor HTS-ORPM
Stock# 06955842: Magnetic RPM Sensor HTS-MRPM

Stock# 06955834: Temperature Sensor HTS-TEMP

Stock# 06955835: Fuel Level Sensor HTS-FUEL

Stock# 06955836: GPS Sensor HTS-GPS

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Added to the site 9/2/2014
Manufacturer: HITEC
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