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Li-Po Battery is very dangerous to store with high voltage!

If the Li-Po Battery store with higher voltage over couple days, the Li-Po Battery may expand or even explode!

Also if the Li-Po Battery store with lower voltage over couple days, the Li-Po Battery voltage may drop below DC 2.5V than dead!

So please store the Li-Po Battery with RIGHT Storage Voltage between DC 3.8VDC 3.9V!


1.    Make sure the Li-Po Battery voltage is higher than DC 3.9V each individual cell before discharging to storage voltage.

2.    Connect the Li-Po Battery charge adaptor to Li-Po SAVER.

If any of the LED does not glow, it may mean that cell of Li-Po Battery voltage is lower than DC 3.8V. Then you need to recharge your Li-Po Battery to make the voltage of each cell higher than DC 3.9V. Then connect it to the Li-Po SAVER again to get the best storage voltage.

3.    While Red LED Light is “ON” means the Li-Po Battery Voltage is higher than DC 3.9V and will discharge the Li-Po Battery automatically.

4.    After discharging, when Red LED Light is “OFF”, means Li-Po Battery Voltage is already between DC 3.8VDC 3.9V, the best storage voltage condition. Please unplug the battery adaptor from the Li-Po SAVER.

Now your Li-Po battery is in good storage condition.


  • Size: 55mm x 24mm x 3mm
  • Weight: 4.6g
  • Cut off storage voltage: DC 3.85V/S(±50mV)
  • Discharge current: Max 100mAh
  • Temperature rise: 85°C

Caution: While Li-Po SAVER in discharging condition, Li-Po SAVER may get hot, do not touch the Li-Po SAVER while Red LED is still ON(Discharging).


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