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Our advertisements - Advertisement June 2010

Advertisement June 2010


We usually do following contests.

1,Touch and go
2,Team Touch and go
3,Electric glider match game

1,Touch and go
How many touch and go in 2 min.
Pilot has 2 min. after take off.
Between each touch and go have to have more than 180 degree turn.
If engine stop, they can re-start engine if in 2min.
Record is 17 times.

2,Team Touch and go
Team has 3 pilots with 3 model.
After take off how many touch and go can make in 3 min.
Pilot has order. Each model has number.
Touch and go have to be made by order. 1-2-3-1-2-3-and so on.
If no.1 made mistake, no.2 have to wait in the air until no.1 succeed.
Record is 25 times.

3,Electric glider match game
No limit on power or wing span.
each flight has 2 to 4 pilot.
each flight one of them have to draw motor run time.
Motor run time are 10sec. 20sec.30sec.
Everybody have to have full power in full run time.
Means F5B type model has hard time keep full power in 30sec.
Each flight is 6 min max.
There are points as follow if 4 in a flight..
1st 6 2nd 4 3rd 2 4th 0
but all 4 of them fly 6 min. everybody get 3points.
if 2 fly 6min. 5points for those 2 and 3rd get 2, 4th get 0point.
We do several rounds and top 10pilot with final.
30 sec. motor run and take off at same time.
Who stayed longest in the air win.

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