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SPRAY PAINT 150ml dark blue 52

Topmodel.fr / Alles / Hardware / Paint / Spray cans / Oracover® colours / SPRAY PAINT 150ml dark blue 52

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RC Colours have been specifically developed for painting RC models.

Those are fuel-resistant and can be applied on most surfaces.

RC Colours match Oracover® colours. The termination order number of the spray can indicates the correspondent Oracover® number.

WARNING: However, depending on the application conditions (ambient temperature, humidity), nature and color of the sub-layer, type of material, etc., there might be significant differences of colors with the covering film.

We can not, under any circumstances, be held responsible for this situation, since it is impossible for us to control all these settings.

Tips: Dip your spray paint in very hot water before use, to get a better spray. At the end of use, handle the spray can upside down and spray for about 3 seconds to purge the circuit.

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