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Topmodel.fr / Alles / Hardware / Composite technology / Cleaning agents / FORMULA FIVE® CLEAN 'N GLAZE

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Mild cleaning and polishing paste for preparing moulds for Formula Five® Mold Release Wax (release paste) from Rexco (USA)

  • Contains silicone
  • Resistant up to 100 °C

The combination of Clean 'N Glaze and Mold Release Wax yields high-gloss GRP mould surfaces for the optimal demoulding.

Clean 'N Glaze is applied with a soft cotton cloth and polished to a gloss. Mould Release Wax (release paste) is applied as the next step.

More information see technical date sheet.

Notes regarding the use of Formula Five Clean ‘N Glaze as a Gel Coat Restorer

A 32 ounce container goes a long way - one bottle will buff an entire 40 foot boat. One devoted Clean ‘N Glaze user states, “I use it twice a year on my boat. It does a wonderful job.”

For extremely oxidized Gelcoat surfaces fine wet ‘n dry sand paper of 600-800 grit or finer used with water may be necessary to break the surface prior to application of the Formula Five Clean ‘N Glaze. Use extreme caution not to damage surface and test on a small unobtrusive area first.

Although a final coating with marine wax will give longer lasting performance Formula Five Clean ‘N Glaze requires no further applications of restorer or wax as silicone is part of the formula and will provide a good level of protection to the Gelcoat.

Formula Five Clean ‘N Glaze is an effective cleaner for white rubber rub rails and plated metal and stainless steel. Formula Five Clean ‘N Glaze is not recommended for surfaces coated in automotive type paints or for plastic surfaces such as windshields or decorative appliqués.

Applications include marine, RV, snowmobiles, motor homes, hydroelectric service vehicle booms & buckets, cultured marble tubs, showers and vanity tops.

FORMULA FIVE® Clean ´N Glaze, bottle/ 0,95 l

(1 Quart = 860 g, sufficient for approx. 35 m² surface area)

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