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PowerBox Smokepump

Topmodel.fr / Alles / Hardware / Smoke / PowerBox Smokepump

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  • the world's most successful smoke pump over the last three years
  • motor and electronics protected in a robust, sealed case
  • pump and electronics developed in-house by PowerBox Systems
  • pump and electronics produced in our own factory
  • extremely durable, effectively sealed metal geared pump
  • variable flow capacity, adjustable from 0% to 100%
  • adjustable to suit any engine and exhaust system
  • the high maximum pumping rate of 750 ml / min. is adequate even for model jets
  • no additional accessories or valves required
  • available in two electronic versions: for direct connection to any PowerBox power supply system, o for use with an external battery, if the model is fitted with a different power supply system.

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Kliknut�m se zobraz� n�hled

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Quique Sommenzini has been using the system in his models for a year, and is convinced: ”The best pump I've ever seen!”

Materials used in the pump:
Pump case and cover made of Al Zn Mg Cu, 1.5, approved for use in highly stressed components in full-size aircraft, Brinell hardness rating 140. Gears made of Ms 58 / CuZn 40 / Pb 2, floating suspension in the pump (no press-fit), Brinell hardness rating 95. Du Pont Viton gaskets, safe up to +200°C, resistant to all hydro-carbons

Accessories supplied as standard:

  • two patch-leads for power supply and pump control
  • Y-piece (distributor)
  • heat-resistant, fabric-sheathed rubber hose for connection to silencer

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