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Topmodel.fr / Alles / Hardware / Tools / Modeler / CG SCALE 0-8KG

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The center of gravity scale is a digital accurate scale which shows really important data of your model, the weight and the exact location of the center of gravity.

Forget the obsolete devices with counterweights and rules which don’t give the correct value. Ideal for F3B F3F F3K F5J...

The center of gravity scale comes with a 9v battery which supplies the energy to a complex device of measuring, and shows the data in a LCD screen through a wire connected to the scale for an easy handling and visualization.

Choose between the F5J/F3K version for a measurement range up to 4kg or the F3F/F3B version for a measurement range up to 8kg.

The sensitivity is slightly higher with the F5J version, so if your sailplane is light it is ideal for most pilots. The F3F version allows you to measure models with tungsten ballast inside, that the normal version doesn’t support.

Technical characteristics:

  • For models type: F3F, F3B, ...
  • For fuselage width: 44mm Maxi
  • Measuring range: 0 to 4kg
  • Display: LCD 65x16mm, display on 2 lines
  • Power supply: 9v battery (included)
  • Dimensions CG scale (LxWxH): 173x148x140mm approx.
  • Dimensions display case (LxWxH): 85x40x20mm approx.
  • Weight of the CG scale: 410g approx.

How to use it:

     1) Set the CG balance switch to ON

     2) Wait for the display on the tare screen (GR: 0000)

     3) Place the glider on the 4 pins, fuselage well centered in the supports and leading edges bearing against the stops

     4) Read the weight of the model (g) and the position of center of gravity (mm)!

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