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SmokeFly is a company that manufactures electric ignition smoke, specially designed for RC aircraft

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Kliknut�m se zobraz� n�hled

Smokes are divided into 3 lines:

  • Smoke1 with average smoke capacity of 2 minutes, which thanks to the low weight are also suitable for acrobatic parkflyer models or EDF Jets.
  • Smoke2 with intense smoke and duration of 1 minute, suitable for any model of high dimensions and speeds.
  • Smoke3 same Smoke Smoke 2 but lasting 2 minutes.

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The ignition of the smoke is due to the specially designed electronic switch (to be purchased separately).
This, in addition to ensuring extreme simplicity of installation and operation (it takes the command and the power needed directly from a receiver's free channel), incorporates a safety system that cuts the current to smoke after 2 seconds from powering on ; this function is particularly important as the wires contained within the smoke fluids can go shortly after ignition and the high temperature that it emits.

A single switch can command the simultaneous ignition of multiple smokes, provided that they are connected in parallel with each other.

Technical specs SMOKE2

  • Length: 73mm approx.
  • Diameter: 55mm approx.
  • Weight: 78g approx.
  • Color: Yellow
  • Duration: 1 minute approx.
  • Smoke density: Heavy

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1) Remove the  coloured cap

2) Connect the wires to the electrical circuit

3) Lean to the ground and stay away at a safe distance (8 meters)

The signal starts within 2 sec with an electrical pulse of minimum 0.37A.

!!! WARNING !!!

  • For outdoor use only - Produce hot smoke
  • Do not throw to people or objects - Do not inhale smoke
  • Do not touch the metal can during and after use - RISK OF BURNING (t > 90°C)
  • MINIMUM AGE LIMIT: 18 years old



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