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GOLD-N-ROD 2mm SEMI FLEX 36" 1pc

Topmodel.fr / Alles / Out of cat & web / GOLD-N-ROD 2mm SEMI FLEX 36" 1pc

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Sullivan Gold-N-Rod Push-Pull and Pull-Pull Control Rods systems are the market leader in quality, selection and performance

They are used to connect servos to control surfaces, throttles and steerable/retractable gear. All are made to very tight tolerances for smooth, rugged performance. We make more types and lengths of control rods than anyone else. From the basic #021503 to the carbon filled #021584 there is a control rod for every application.

All Sullivan Control Rods come complete with hardware, including tempered steel Gold-N-Clevises.

Nylon and Carbon filled Gold-N-Rods feature an exclusive spline design that reduces friction and eliminates sensitivity to dirt, dust and moisture. They are very easy to install -- a threaded stud screws into the inner rod, and a clevis attaches to the other end of the stud - and they are versatile, as they are unaffected by fuel. They can be used for any part of the control system, and are made in sizes and lengths to fit just about any application.

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Clevises, studs and other hardware are included in all kits. To assemble, simply cut the pieces to length and glue or clamp the outer sheath in place. The threaded studs simply self-thread into the inner rod (easily done with a cordless drill) and the clevises thread onto the studs.

  • Color: Blue - Grey
  • Type: Splined Nylon Flexible
  • Hardware size: M2
  • Length: 36 inches (91cm)
  • Minimum radius: 3-1/2" (89mm)
  • Set per package: 2

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