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Quelques changements chez TopModel.

À la suite de l'arrêt de notre activité, nous avons a fait appel à FlashRC.com, autre acteur incontournable d'aéromodélisme basé en France, pour reprendre notre stock et nos marques.

FlashRC va s'attacher, dès à présent, à continuer, développer et proposer les produits exclusifs comme les Bidules (la référence pour le remorquage des grandes plumes), les Barons, ainsi que tous les produits des marques Ecotop, XPower ou Precision Products.

Retrouvez dès à présent tous vos produits préférés chez www.flashrc.com.

A bientôt sur les terrains!


Topmodel.fr / Alles / Hardware / Receivers / Jeti / 2.4ghz / Rx DUPLEX R9 EX

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Series DUPLEX EX receivers are designated to operate with series DUPLEX and DUPLEX EX transmitter modules in the 2,4GHz band

Thanks to the full digital and bidirectional communication between transmitter and receiver they offer new chances in the field of remote controlled models.

The DUPLEX EX transmitter modules and receivers take advantage of modern hightech technologies and offer thanks to precize production and test methods maximum safety and reliability.

The DUPLEX EX is the successor of the recent DUPLEX system, but it comprises full compatibility with it. On the other hand the series EX extends its capabilities especially in the field of telemetric data transfer  and offers thus an even better insight into the state of the model. Full utilization of the new properties is supported by the JETIBOX PROFI terminal, which offers improved imaging posibilities and user comfort. In connection with the program package FlightMonitor it facilitates parameter setups of particular system components, enables data processing and monitoring of telemetric data during flight and delivers tools for exact after flight analyzis of data collected during flight. This way it implements a new dimension into the management and utilization of the whole system.


The fully digital bidirectional communication between transmitter and receiver contributes to the development of new chances in the model remote control branche.

DUPLEX receivers are not only following up with the JBC receiver line by keeping up their univerzality and broad functional extent, but they additionally extend these functions due to the feasibility of the new DUPLEX system. One of the most important advantages is the operation without crystals – watching frequencies is a thing of the past, high interference resistance, far out of visibility range and continual control of model conditions in the air as well as many other functions are new and formerly unknown features.

Real Time Transmission of Telemetric Data:

Every receiver is already in its basic configuration able to transmit the actual voltage of the on-board system, i. e. the receiver voltage without telemetric senzors.

One telemetric senzor can be connected directly to the socket marked (Ext.) on the receiver back side. If connection of several senzors is necessary the expander DUPLEX #007E4 may be connected to the receiver socket (Ext.). 


Basic data:

  • Number of channels: 9
  • Dimensions: 51x24x11mm approx.
  • Weight: 13.0g approx.
  • Antenna length: 200mm x2
  • Supply voltage: 3.2-8.4V
  • Average current: 30mA
  • Temperature range: -10 à +85°C
  • Power output: 15dBm
  • Sensitivity: -106dBm
  • Real Time transmission of the telemetric data: Yes
  • Programming: JETIBOX
  • Satellite receiver support (SAT): Yes

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JETI model


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