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What are opening hours of the store of SELLES SAINT DENIS? From Monday to Friday 10:00am to 6:00pm NON-STOP! What are opening hours of mail order service? We ensure phone permanence from Monday to Friday 10:00am to 6:00pm NON-STOP. You can order on www.topmodel.fr 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Bonus system: How does it work? 1 buy on www.topmodel.fr is 1 bonus point. You must have 1500 points in the year following your first order on internet to get a free 75 on your TOPMODEL account. For example 1st order March 12, 2015. On March 12, 2016, your bonus is: A) 540 points, you win 0 B) 1500 points, you get 75 on your TOPMODEL account on March 13, 2016 C) 2840 points, you get 142 on your TOPMODEL account on March 13, 2016. To help: if on March 12, 2016 your bonus is 1450, order for 50, you will have 1500 points and will get 75 on March 13,2016, better than 0!!! Anyway your bonus is turn to 0 on March 13,2016 and start again with next order. What is the usual delivery delay? The parcels are prepared, as far as possible, the day of your order (if placed before 12:00pm) and are normaly conveyed under a deadline from 2 to 7 days (working) to your residence. The invoice always travels with the parcel and is also useful as delivery order. Which is the procedure to be followed if an article is not appropriate to me? You can turn over the articles under a 14 days deadline from the date of reception. Beforehand, you must obtain return number(obtained by telephone or E-mail sav@topmodel.fr). The articles must be turned over to us in their origin state and packing with the copy of the purchase invoice. What can I do if a parcel arrives damaged? 1- Note the damage in the presence of the delivery man. 2- Write on the delivery order form, the damage actually noted. 3- Refuse the parcel 4- Contact by phone or by E-mail (operation@topmodel.fr) our service "orders following". What can i do if a product does not function? Contact our after saling service by telephone or E-mail (sav@topmodel.fr) as soon as possible after reception of the items. The technician will help you and will indicate to you the procedure if it is about a breakdown. How to pay my purchases by mail order? Several ways are possible: By bank credit card, Paypal, bank transfer, check and "cash" money order The fastest and most effective way is the payment by Credit Card. If you regulate by bank check or money order, we must wait to receive your payment to send the parcel. If your payment does not correspond exactly to the amount of the invoice, the balance of your account will be noted on your invoice. Is there a minimum of order at TOPMODEL? No, we do not have minimum of order. However we advise you to group your orders to minimize the shipping costs! How to know if the item I want to buy is in stock at TOPMODEL? Two manners of knowing this information: 1) On our Internet site, the value of stock is continuously updated: IN STOCK (xx): Article is in stock, number xx inside brackets is the number of items in stock at present time and available - OUT OF STOCK: non currently available. In general, the date of restocking envisaged is noted. 2) You can call our sales department by telephone to know the availability of one or more items.
Total: 36  1|2|3|4 »