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The new feature QUICK ORDER enable you increase speed for creation new order. Main idea is based on the possibility to enter only code of item or name of item which you want to order. If you know item code (or name) you can only enter this code without occasion to find this goods in the website.

Link QUICK ORDER save your time. You must only specify items which you want to buy accordign to code of goods or name. After enter code or name could be happen 3 different possibilities:

  • goods not find; it means that you have just put in code or name which doesn't exist in the eschop
  • one goods is find; you have just put in exactly correct code or name, now you can order this goods to click on the icon basket
  • several goods are find; you have just put in code or name which contains more items, now you can select item which you want or enter more specific code or name

If you do not sure your chooice you can always click on the name of item and new windows, with deatail information about this item, will be open. Next step in the process of order is same as "normal" order. You must select payment etc.