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A page regularly update, to consult without moderation, to see the new tendencies, the last incomings, the special offers ...

Easy surfing
Goods are sort by kinds with a direct access to the most important.
Each good is clearly shown with photo, price description and stock status.
A single click and you get it in your basket.

How to know if the item I want to buy is in stock at TOPMODEL? Two manners of knowing this information: 1) On our Internet site, the value of stock is continuously updated: IN STOCK: Article is in stock. LIMITED: limited quantity in stock -> you must order without delaying. OUT OF STOCK: non currently available. In general, the date of restocking envisaged is noted. 2) You can call our sales department by telephone to know the availability of one or more items.

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Secured payments
We're using the last technologies to protect your personal and confidential datas to buy in total security.

Followed orders
You can follow your order step by step. You also have an historical of your last orders at TOPMODEL.

Searching engine
Type name, code or category of material you're looking for, and it will appear in a wink.

Read last results, tests or R/C pewter ...

Become a special TOPMODEL customer:
Each time you order on www.topmodel.fr , you win points and at the end of season get the JACKPOT!!!

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Quotation of the carriage costs
You have an automatic quotation system for your carriage costs according to your order components and the delivery address. Some is your country you know the carriage costs!

*Bonus system: How does it work?
1 € buy on www.topmodel.fr is 1 bonus point .You must have 1500 points in the year following your first order on internet to get a free 75 € on your TOPMODEL count.
For example 1st order 12/3/2004. On 12/3/2005, your bonus is:
1-540 points, you win 0
2-1500 points, you win 75€ on 12/4/2005
3-2840 points, you win 124€ on 12/4/2005
To help: if on 12/2/2005 your bonus is 1450, order for 50 €, you will have 1500 points and win the 75€ on 12/4/2005, better than 0!!! Anyway your bonus is turn to 0 on 12/4/2005, and start again with next order.

By Phone
0033 254 940 101

Conviviality and professionalism for advised councils.
Get an answer Monday to Friday from 10am to 6pm non-stop.
We will accommodate you to get your order. you will know all about the disponibilities of the articles, the delivery, the means of transport...
0033 254 940 109
  By mail
Send your TOPMODEL order by mail in a stamped wrap to: