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MEGA RC 600/30/4

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MEGA RC 600/30/4 MEGA RC600 series motors are designed especially for direct drive applications. These brushless motors with neodym magnets and rotating case are extremely high torque motors allowing the use of large diameter and hight pitch propellers. The RC600 motors have hardened shaft which is supported by two ball bearings. The motors are suitable for use with NiCd, NiMH, Li-Pol, Li-ION cells. * Brushless motors with neodym magnets * Integrated cooling in end motorshield * Extremely high torque * Dynamic balanced * Propeller up 10" to 18" * Designed for higher revolution to 14000 rpm * Very good efficiency in broad current range RC600/30/4 is designed for motormodels up to 2kg and gliders up to 2,5 kg. Designed for direct drive with 6,7,8 NiCd, NiMH or 2 Li-Pol, Li-ION cells. Current consumption with recommended propellers up to 40A. Specs: Diameter: 36mm Length: 53mm Weight: 195g Shaft diameter: 5,0mm RPM x V (KV): 1080 Currentmax: 40A Application examples: 2 LiPo, 11x8 AERONAUT CAM folding prop, 7500t/mn, 25A 3 LiPo, 11x8 AERONAUT CAM folding prop, 9790t/mn, 41,5A


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Manufacturer: MEGA MOTOR
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