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Product information

These are the electric air-brakes that sailplanes fans waited for!

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Sensational! Electrically driven, connected directly to the receiver, they go in and out proportionally.

Anciens modelers will surely understand me:

Who doesn't have to annoy once, at least, to mechanically connect AB in a complicated area, difficult to access, between the wings into the fuselage,  or to bore on programming the radio to obtain symmetrical closing or opening because of not well made linkage?

This is the main reason to be of these AB.

And moreover, they are more economic than their mechanical counterparts when you add the servo (s) and the hardware to make the linkages.

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No more problem with the linkages, with the mechanical connections and they finally close in a symmetrical way!

The motor and the drive gears are directly integrated into the air-brake, it is no more necessary to use an external servo with a complicated linkage.

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With the integrated locking system to avoid the AB to be sucked off from the closed position - no electricity consumption from the motor in locked position.

Double metal blades (red anodized) Schempp-Hirth type for an optimal braking effect.

Delivered in pair (right and left).


  • Overall length: 230mm approx.
  • Width: 9,5mm approx.
  • Heigth AB closed: 10mm approx.
  • Heigth AB opened: 31mm env 
  • Weight: 30g approx. (piece)
  • Blades length : 185mm
  • Height (over plankage of the wing): 21mm max. approx.
  • Input voltage: 4,8-6,0V 
  • Electrical motor pulse: 1.5±0.3μs (works with all current radio brands) 
  • Cord length: 200mm approx. (UNI connector)

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