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XPower SVR5 Switching Voltage Regulator

Topmodel.fr / ALL / Hardware / Safety devices / Voltage regulators / XPower SVR5 Switching Voltage Regulator

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Product information

XPower SVR5-5/6V Switching Voltage Regulator is probably the most capable and reliable BEC on the market.
You can finally use your LiPo as batteries to feed the receiver and the servos!

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  • At the input, any battery from 2-4 cells lithium battery can be used with this SVR5-5/6V  giving you a constant output of 5V or 6V (selection via a microswitch) using the high efficient switching voltage technology that minimises heat dissipation and energy wastage.
  • At the output, the SVR5-5/6V  is connected to any receiver.

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 Technical data:

  • Function: Switching Voltage Regulator
  • Input voltage: 6,0V-17,0V
  • Output voltage: 5.0V or 6.0V (selection via the microswitch)
  • Output current: 5.0A (continuous)  -   7.0A (for 15 seconds)

Peak current varies according to the input voltage applied and these readings are based on 3mph airflow over the SVR5-5/6V .

  • Weight: 16g
  • Dimension: 35x19x16mm

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The LiPo batteries and SVR connectors shown here are for illustrative purpose only. Not included in the package.

XPower SVR Connectors are available separately (2 cells, 3 cells or 4 cells). Not included in package.


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