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S-BUS HUB 1I/3E 1000mm

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Product information

These cables are used as hubs and has one input and 3 outputs

  • Use S-Bus Hubs to connect servos to the S-Bus system.
  • Hubs also allow you to plug in additional remote battery packs – anywhere!
  • Five cable length options are available to fit all airplane or glider sizes

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S-Bus System
Revolutionary, cutting-edge technology!

Imagine the possibilities…

Imagine using one cable and one receiver to control up to 16 servos. Imagine being able to plug in battery packs anywhere you want. Imagine a system that simplifies setup, yet gives you more programming power at the same time.

You can stop imagining, because the S-Bus system can do it all – and more. And if you can imagine a system that can do so much, you can also guess which company has already made it a reality: Futaba.

Like digital servos, the GY520 Gyro and FASST™ radio systems, the S-Bus system is more than just a better product. It's a revolution in R/C science that redefines what radios can offer today – while hinting at what tomorrow's systems will become.


What does the S-Bus system do?

The innovative Futaba S-Bus system lets you unleash your flight system's full potential and cut down on cable clutter at the same time. It uses digital serial data communication technology to transmit control signals between your receiver and servos.

A single S-Bus cable can carry signals to as many channels as your transmitter can handle. You no longer have to worry about plugging in the wrong servo to the wrong channel, because each servo knows what channel it is dedicated to in advance.

SBD-1 S-Bus Decoder Cables allow the use of existing analog and digital servos, too. By providing today's pilots with tomorrow's technology, the Futaba S-Bus system is nothing short of revolutionary – and the revolution's only beginning.


  • Eliminates clutter.

  • Easy programming with the SBC-1 Channel Setting Tool, S-Bus receivers or PCLink software.

  • No receiver channel limits (except by those on your transmitter).

  • Plug in battery packs anywhere you wish.

  • Heavy-duty 20-gauge wire.

  • SBD-1 decoder cables (sold separately) let you use existing analog and digital servos.

  • Prevents mismatched servo-channel connections.

  • S-Bus system accessories make any installation simple. 


PCLink Software

PCLink Features:

  • Run multiple servos – using only a single channel on your transmitter!

  • Electronically adjust each individual servo with PCLink instead of using individual channels on your transmitter.


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