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Product information

Special pliers for folding a music wire as a loop

Kliknut�m se zobraz� n�hled

By gently squeezing the end of a piano wire between the jaws of the clamp, it becomes a breeze to form perfect loops.

It then becomes easy to create beautiful zippers for your Rx switches, practical and elegant engine nedle extensions, etc.

In addition, we found another useful application! Correct the curvature of the metal clevises of Chinese origin. These clevises are struggling to stay lock closed! By slightly twisting the clevis side body with that special pliers, almost by magic, they finally closed!


     Fold in circle thin music wire (max. 1.2 mm diameter) and correct closure defects of Chinese metal clevises

Main Features:

  •      Total length: 130mm
  •      Weight: 75g

Kliknut�m se zobraz� n�hled

Nose of the pliers: The beak at the left side is to round and press the wire onto the right side which serves as a template. The diameter of the left nose radius is about 1.3 mm at the tip and about 4.5 mm at its base.

 Kliknut�m se zobraz� n�hled

Form the curve of the wire by squeezing and moving slowly. Depending on the angle and where you place / shape the music wire into the nose of the pliers, you get a nice loop which can have different diameters and curvatures.

How to do it, video


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