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Product information

Oldtimer wooden floats laser cut kit

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Easy construction thanks to the cutting accuracy of the laser machine.

The seal is obtained by applying nitrocellulose dope coating and covering with shrinking film (Oracover®).

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The steel wire landing gear legs are delivered pre-folded and must be assembled and welded using the provided jig.Kliknut�m se zobraz� n�hled ">

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This set of floats has been specially designed for our ECOTOP BARON. Thus, simply unscrew the eight original landing gear fixing screws and screw in place the hydro gear.

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The tail float is simply attached with a single bolt through the triangular part of the tail skid.

No any changes on the airframe required.

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Clean surf on the water and extremely easy to sail. It has never been easier to practice the seaplane!

Great for a summer feet in the water when at the controls!



Tech specs:

  • Material: Ply and  balsa wood
  • Length: 420mm
  • Volume: 1.8dm3 approx. (1 main float)
  • For airplanes to T/O weight: 3.0kg
  • For OLDTIMERs with engine: 3.5 to 6.5cc (25-40 Class)


Precision products

Content of the set

  • All the parts in ply and balsa wood, laser cut, to build the main floats and tail float.
  • Bre-bent steel wires to build the gear superstructure. Brass tube.
  • Plywood jig to build and solder the steel superstructure.
  • Plastic bearings and wheel stoppers for the floats attachment.
  • Very detailed (11 pages) step by step illustrated construction manual (to be downloaded at our web site).

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Documentation + Video

FLOATS LASER KIT in pair.pdf
PDF documentFile size: 8.81 MB


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