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Quelques changements chez TopModel.

À la suite de l'arrêt de notre activité, nous avons a fait appel à FlashRC.com, autre acteur incontournable d'aéromodélisme basé en France, pour reprendre notre stock et nos marques.

FlashRC va s'attacher, dès à présent, à continuer, développer et proposer les produits exclusifs comme les Bidules (la référence pour le remorquage des grandes plumes), les Barons, ainsi que tous les produits des marques Ecotop, XPower ou Precision Products.

Retrouvez dès à présent tous vos produits préférés chez www.flashrc.com.

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Topmodel.fr / ALL / Planes / Jets / Turbine powered / F-16 2.03m HOLLOW MOLDED PNP

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Technical specifications

20-22kg (M200XBL)

Product information

20% scale reproduction of the famous American multirole fighter

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#066GF1620PNP-01  USAF 122nd FW INDIANA ANG


The world of the "Plug aNd Play" (PNP) officially joins up with the world of the jet turbine!

Now you can assemble your jet in just a few hours.

Our team has thought and realized for you the correct installation of all the complex parts of the jet: radio installation, pneumatic system, fuel system.

When opening the box, all you have to do is connect the clearly marked pneumatic circuits, route the electrical cables to your receiver and finally mount the turbine.

Included and installed accessories:

All servos (metal, brushless, HV, 40kg of torque), all electrical wiring, scale retracts, wheels and brakes, retracts solenoid valves, gear doors solenoid valves, brake solenoid valves, speedbrakes solenoid valves, genuine central unit/sequencer with low pressure safety system, air filling valve, air tanks, all gear doors and speedbrakes cylinders, navigation lights, anti-collision and landing lights, afterburner LED ring, lighting module, fuel tanks, smoke tanks and smoke pump, nozzle, and scale cockpit.

The construction of this jet is very neat with a limited airframe weight (Herex sandwich molded under vacuum).

We chose a scale of 1/5, which gives a relatively big jet, allowing to restore the flight of the full size with accuracy and to have superb flight caracteristics.

The particularly elaborate retractable landing gear is perfectly reproduced and required many hours of development on 3D software

 To effectively and realistically power our fighter, we offer the well-known turbine from Jets Munt MERLIN 210 TS with 21kg thrust:

About the full size F-16

The General Dynamics F-16 Fighting Falcon (now Lockeed Martin) is a multi-role combat aircraft developed by General Dynamics for the United States in the 1970s.

Commissioned by more than 20 different countries, licensed in Turkey, South Korea and a group of four NATO nations, the F-16 is the world's most-used fighter jet in 2013 with, according to one estimate, 2,309 aircraft in service in 2012 or 15% of all combat aircrafts in the world.

The 4,500th copy was delivered in April 2012 and production is expected to continue, at a minimum, until 2017 for export. It had to be replaced by the F-35 Lightning II.

Available versions (color schemes):

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# 066GF1620PNP-01 USAF 122nd FW INDIANA ANG

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# 066GF1620PNP-02 Solo Team Display Royal Netherlands Air Force

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# 066GF1620PNP-03 USAF Texas ANG

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# 066GF1620PNP-04 Blizzard Scheme 64th Agressor US Navy Squadron

Other possible schemes on order, please,contact us!

NOTE: The F-16 is a high performance and complex experimental aircraft. It is sold as is with no warranty expressed or implied.

Product Code: 066GF1620PNP
Added to the site 11/10/2016
Manufacturer: TOPMODEL SAS
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