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Topmodel.fr / ALL / Hardware / R/c sets / Jeti duplex 2.4ghz / Sensors / DUPLEX MFlow2 T800 SENSOR

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Product information

The MFlow2 is a telemetry sensor that measures the flow of the pumped fuel and calculates its amount in the tank.

There are three versions of the sensor available: the MFlow2-T800 (Turbine) and the MFlow2-T3000 (Turbine) are a variant designed for the models powered by a turbine or a turboprop, the MFlow2-G800 (Gasoline) is a variant for models powered by glow or gasoline IC engines.

You can set up the sensors via DC/DS transmitter or via a JETIBOX.

Main features

  • The sensor is compatible with Duplex EX system.
  • EX telemetry values: actual flow and the amount of the fuel in the tank.
  • User adjustable parameters, such as tank capacity, depleted fuel alarm, etc.
  • Firmware updates.

MFlow2 consists of the flow sensor and the base. The sensor is connected to the base via a cable with a lock connector. The other cable labeled as „Ext“ is used for the DUPLEX system or the JETIBOX. The flow sensor is fitted with these endings according to the type:

MFlow2 T: 2x FESTO for tubes with the external diameter of 4mm

Technical data:

  • Measurement range: 20-800ml/mn
  • Measurement accuracy: ±2%
  • Tubing connection: 2x Festo Ø4mm
  • Dimensions: 77x41x30mm approx.
  • Weight: 40g approx.
  • Power supply range: 5-8.4V
  • Operating temperature range: -20°C to +80°C

JETI model
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