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SET O-RINGS FOR 1314042 & 1314047

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Product information

Sapre O rings for MP JET fuel valves MP JET #1314042, 4047

Informations about change of the "O" rings in fueling valves.

In first step you press the valve part back into the fueling valve body (use please small diameter rod, safety match or etc.).

In second step lock the valve part in this position (rear position in body) - put the small wire (straightened paper clip) into tube fitting (in hole), the correct fitting is fitting on taper surface on the body. This wire lock the valve part into the body in rear position. Remove the press from safety match, the valve part is locked in rear (inside body) with paper clip throught the fitting (inside the body).

Remove the bigger "O" ring - with needle or pin, put down the finger to front part of the valve part, and remove the paper pin. The finger is for prevention of the shot off the valve part outside the fueling valve body (under valve part is cone type spring). Remove the valve part, remove the spring, remove the smaller "O" ring (inside fuel valve body), put of the new "O" ring inside body, put the spring in correct orientation (bigger dia to "O" ring), put the valve part, use the safety match and press the valve part into fueling valve body. Lock the valve part in body with paper clip and mount the new bigger "O" ring. Remove the paper clip and change is done.
Do not remember that number of the repair set MUST BE correct for each type of fueling valve. Fueling valve has two "O" rings, the number of the set is different for type of fuel - in set for methanole type fuel (for glow engines) is the small ring from silicone - red colour. If you use the uncorrect type of the ring (glow for gasoline), the silicone ring is damaged in very short time (minutes).


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Product Code: 1314054
Added to the site 2/14/2006
Manufacturer: MP JET s.r.o.
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