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Quelques changements chez TopModel.

À la suite de l'arrêt de notre activité, nous avons a fait appel à FlashRC.com, autre acteur incontournable d'aéromodélisme basé en France, pour reprendre notre stock et nos marques.

FlashRC va s'attacher, dès à présent, à continuer, développer et proposer les produits exclusifs comme les Bidules (la référence pour le remorquage des grandes plumes), les Barons, ainsi que tous les produits des marques Ecotop, XPower ou Precision Products.

Retrouvez dès à présent tous vos produits préférés chez www.flashrc.com.

A bientôt sur les terrains!


Topmodel.fr / ALL / Hardware / Composite technology / Epoxy resins / EPOXY RESIN L + HARD. S (15') SET 1kg

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Product information

Epoxy resin L + Hardener S

1 kg kit, 715 g resin L + 285 g hardener S

  • Processing time: 15 minutes

Mixing ratio: 100 : 40 parts by weight of resin to hardener
Curing time: 24 hours

Cold curing

New Quality: free of Nonyl phenol and Benzyl alcohol.
Curing starts at 5 °C.

PoxySystems® is a registered trademark of R&G

General information about the system "Epoxy resin L" with hardeners S, L, EPH 500, EPH 161 and W 300

  • Low viscosity, free of solvents and fillers
  • Fast impregnation of glass, aramid, and carbonfibres
  • High static and dynamic strength

Epoxy resin L with the corresponding hardeners S, L, EPH 500 and EPH 161, is the most commonly used laminating and adhesive resin in the R&G delivery programme.

In conjunction with the hardeners S (15 minutes), L (40 minutes), EPH 500 (60 minutes), EPH 161 (90 minutes) and W 300 (300 minutes), this epoxy resin exhibits strengths similar to those of the laminating systems usual in aviation. The heat distortion temperature ranges from 60 °C (S, L, EPH 500) to approx. 120 °C (EPH 161, after heat curing).

Epoxy resin L has a low viscosity, is free of solvents and fillers, and is ideal for impregnating glass, aramid, and carbon fibres. Its low surface tension, good adhesion, and minimal curing shrinkage makes it ideal for bonding wood, metal, foamed polystyrene, etc. It can be processed in all of the customary methods, e.g. hand lay-up operations, pressure and vacuum impregnation, press moulding, winding, etc.

R&G GmbH

Content of the set

Product Code: 187100100-1
Added to the site 2/14/2006
Manufacturer: R&G GmbH
Please see our Trading conditions and Shipping cost for detailed information about delivery dates and fees.

Documentation + Video

EPOXY RESIN L + HARD. S (15') SET 1kg.doc
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