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Quelques changements chez TopModel.

À la suite de l'arrêt de notre activité, nous avons a fait appel à FlashRC.com, autre acteur incontournable d'aéromodélisme basé en France, pour reprendre notre stock et nos marques.

FlashRC va s'attacher, dès à présent, à continuer, développer et proposer les produits exclusifs comme les Bidules (la référence pour le remorquage des grandes plumes), les Barons, ainsi que tous les produits des marques Ecotop, XPower ou Precision Products.

Retrouvez dès à présent tous vos produits préférés chez www.flashrc.com.

A bientôt sur les terrains!


Topmodel.fr / ALL / Hardware / Covering / Tools / FUZZY IRON 230V

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A creation of space age technology, the FUZZY IRON makes all other covering iron obsolete!

No more guesswork! All major iron-on covering manufacturers recommend specific application and shrinking temperatures to achieve the tightest and longest lasting possible finish. Only the FUZZY IRON has a built-in temperature control system accurate to within +/- 3 degrees Farenheit of the dial setting! Simple set the dial to the desired temperature. The Temperature Processing Indicator (TPI) lights as the iron temperature rises to reach the dial setting. The TPI blinks when the set temperature is reached, telling you it's time to cover! No thermometer or complicated testing needed - this advanced tool is the only iron which allows you to dial a specific temperature.

The FUZZY IRON has been designed from the ground up by master modelers. Its unique shoe design will reach into places other irons can only dream of, and its fully contoured shape allows for dent-free application. The temperature control dial is on the handle, not on the hot shoe - no more burned fingers! Its specially formulated coating delivers remarkable slip characteristics for the smoothest, no drag slide over virtually any covering surface.

A sturdy table top stand is included for free.

It costs a little more than conventional irons, but it's the last iron you'll ever buy!

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  • Electronically constantly regulated temperature electronically
  • Adjustable temperature for all types of heat-shrinkable covers
  • Teflon® coated shoe
  • Shoe with rounded edges
  • Tough shoe coating cleans easily and glides smoothly
  • Uniquely molded shoe with gradually rounded sides provides for dent-free application. Eases covering of fillets, joints and tight corners
  • Temperature control mounted handle - not on shoe. Allow control without burning fingers on hot shoe
  • Dial temperature accurate within +/-3°F of shoe temperature
  • Temperature processing indicator (TPI) alerts user to status of temperature control system.

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Weight 340g approx.

FUZZY IRON 230-50Hz CE (french plug), 135W comes with cotton slipper and table top stand.

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Kliknut�m se zobraz� n�hled


1- Place the heavy-duty iron stand on a flat, heat resistant surface, then rest the shoe ofthe iron on the stand.

2- Plug the iron's AC cord into a standard wall outlet.

3- Rotate the temperature control dial on the iron's handle to the desired temperature. The Temperature Processing Indicator (TPI) will light as the iron temperature rises to reach the dial setting. The TPI will stay fully lit until the iron temperature reaches the dial setting.

4- The TPI will blink when the iron has reached the dial setting, telling you it's time to cover! Wait an additional three minutes after the light has started to blink for the iron to lock into the set temperature before use.

5- When changing the dial setting to a lower temperature, the TPI will stay unlit until the iron has cooled down to reach the dial temperature. When the iron temperature has reached the dial setting, the TPI will blink.


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